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About AgriKinetics

Welcome to our website, we hope that you both enjoy and find useful the information that we share with you.

We are focused on defining new and shifting opportunities within agriculture. AgriKinetics - Miscanthus StrawOur main area of interest is in growing, marketing and using Miscanthus  fibres.  These range from nanocellulose fibres / aerogel production through to full cane, all for use within the circular economy.

We are working towards developing renewable & reusable products manufactured using Miscanthus as the base material. These products are positioned to be integral components for the construction and building industry.

Currently we are researching roof tiles, insulation boards, flooring and other products which support the cradle to cradle methodology. We follow news from within the industry and feedback on anything we find that highlights opportunities provided by this versatile crop.

With the nanocellulose market alone to be worth in excess of £150m per year by 2019, this could provide significant income to owners of marginal land.

We also have Miscanthus giganteus growing opportunities available, with full buy-back contracts, planting, agronomy and harvesting services within the European Union.

If you have information on relevant opportunities or products to share or would simply like to make a suggestion, then please contact us.

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