Whether you have taken a side or a backseat in the discussion, the “food versus fuel” debate affects us all. Some say growing more biofuel crops today will decrease greenhouse gas emissions, but will make it harder to produce …

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Comment: Whilst there is a food versus fuel (or biomass) debate, there are many advantages that can be supplied by biomass other than just fuel. We are in the situation where, besides the importance of capture and store of CO2, biomass (especially Miscanthus) can contribute to the manufacturing processes for many products.

Nanocellulose and other fibres (extracted from miscanthus) offer huge potential benefits for the production of construction products among many others. 

If, by growing biomass in harmony with food, we can save on landfill, resources such as limestone from being quarried,  toxins and hazardous chemicals from being used, then the world will be a much better place.

We also have the chance to bring manufacturing into rural communities for the benefit of those who live there, due to the reduced requirement for major processing facilities.

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