Mike Cooper of Miscanthus Nursery, provides us with a regular update on growing the crop here in the UK and Europe.

The Miscanthus Giganteus Crop – December 2015


Image of Giant Miscanthus Giganteus fully senescedMiscanthus giganteus crops along with many other plants have been slower to senesce due to the unseasonal warm weather. To complete the process we do need some cold weather, which also applies to many other growing plants in the UK, as the sight of trees and flowers now coming into bud is proof of just how unseasonal our weather is this autumn.

Miscanthus crops are looking healthy and set to produce good yields. The warm autumn weather may extend harvest dates somewhat, but probably not enough to matter.

There was a lot of focus in November as anticipation of cuts in the Renewable energy tariffs were forecast in the autumn statement. The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) came out relatively unscathed other than a slight digression in the under 200kw range. Importantly, the rates for over 200kw and under 5000kw systems remain unchanged.

Miscanthus Biomass should be a sustainable fuel of choice for RHI, not only because it is a stable supply for the period of the RHI contract, but because all of the CO2 produced when the crop is used for burning is still less than the CO2 required for the growth of next year’s crop – effectively taking CO2 out of the atmosphere.

The use of Miscanthus instead of wood saves our valuable and aesthetically pleasing trees, which are termed as “the lungs of the world”. Miscanthus has an energy balance of circa 1.33, some 4 times more that Wheat or maize and 10 times more than rape.

Biomass technology is the simplest form of carbon capture, a fact missed by many other Renewable Energy technologies!

We have now moved a high proportion of the annually harvested bales, so a chance to get bale stores cleaned and ready for next year’s crop. Rhizome orders for new plantings do require ordering as soon as possible as Rhizome production does take place during the next few weeks once the land has dried up and hopefully following a few frosts!

Order your rhizomes now

Miscanthus Rhizomes are now available to order, prices start at £425.00 per acre (subject to size of order) – please get in contact using the form below and we will come straight back to you.

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Mike Cooper checking the moisture in miscanthus bales Mike Cooper is Managing Director at Miscanthus Nursery Ltd.

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