Mike Cooper of Miscanthus Nursery, provides us with a regular update on growing the crop here in the UK and Europe.

The Miscanthus Crop

Image of Miscanthus senescing in November 2015Growing crops of Miscanthus are now beginning to senesce, with a few benign flowers appearing in some crops all later than normal due to the warm autumn we have so far experienced this year. Now is the time to check your crops for areas of Grass weed, any areas of the field dying off quicker than the rest of the crop and areas of poor growth. Identification of any of these potential problem areas can then be rectified before next year’s crop begins to grow again. The crop will continue to desiccate, shedding its leaves on to the ground, (next year’s Mulch,) until the crop stands like Bamboo in straight lines ready to harvest in the spring.

The Market

The Miscanthus Market remains buoyant with planting for 10 year contracts still required throughout the UK. The realisation that Miscanthus Biomass, as a sustainable alternative to our valuable woodland, and one of the few truly renewable energy sources to reduce overall carbon emissions that can be grown on Marginal land without affecting our food production is becoming a very popular choice.


Image of a Miscanthus x giganteus rhizomeOrders are now being taken for the 2016 planting season. Miscanthus is currently only propagated using a rhizome, and therefore specially grown nursery crops need to be lifted during the ‘Dormant season’, December through to early March, and those rhizomes stored in low temperature conditions to avoid premature budding until re-planting takes place, March through to June. Both these delicate procedures are very much weather dependent and therefore subject to firm orders being placed in good time. So…….

Order your rhizomes now

Miscanthus Rhizomes are now available to order, prices start at £425.00 per acre (subject to size of order) – all advice and growing guidance will be given and whether you want the full planting service or to plant your own crop, please get in contact using the form below and we will come straight back to you. Contact Mike for more information on planting, cane sales and farm open days.

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Mike Cooper checking the moisture in miscanthus bales Mike Cooper is Managing Director at Miscanthus Nursery Ltd.

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